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Here we collect the press articles about the occupation

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[13 May 2021] Forest occupation near Trier-Zewen and Igel – Sensor Mainz

[14 May 2021] The forest near Trier-Zewen and Igel is occupied – 5vier

[14 May 2021] Why activists want to prevent the Moselaufstieg – Trierischer Volksfreund

[17 May 2021] Protest camp in the forest to have an impact at federal level – Trierischer Volksfreund

[18 May 2021] Protest against Moselaufstieg – City of Trier imposes conditions on tree squatters – Trierischer Volksfreund

[18 May 2021] Protest camp set up in forest between Igel and Zewen: All info and pictures – news tr

[19 May 2021] Forest squatters against the Moselaufstieg: Threat of eviction – 5vier

[21 May 2021] Toleration or eviction? How do authorities deal with tree squatters in Trier? – Trierischer Volksfreund

[22 May 2021] This is how forest squatters want to prevent a road construction project – Luxemburger Wort

[28 May 2021] Forest squatters also prepare for forced eviction – SWR

[31 May 2021] “Besch bleibt”: Forest occupation near Trier – woxx Luxembourg

[03 June 2021] Trier forest squatters get visitors and plan actions – Trierischer Volksfreund

[04 June 2021] Activists block main road in Trier – followed by bicycle demo and rally – Trierischer Volksfreund

[08 June 2021] Police against environmental activists: How a road blockade divides minds – Trierischer Volksfreund

[06 July 2021] Expert opinion meets doubts, planning meets criticism – Trier-Saarbur district council nevertheless votes for Moselaufstieg – Trierischer Volksfreund

[20 September 2021] Road blockade: Will Trier climate activists have to go to court? – Trierischer Volksfreund

[20 September 2021] Climate protesters operate in grey area between law and morality – Trierischer Volksfreund

[24 September 2021] “We all have the responsibility”: 1000 people demonstrate in Trier and Saarburg for more climate protection – Trierischer Volksfreund

[09 October 2021] Besch remains! – The forest near Zewen and Igel remains occupied – news tr

[12 October 2021] “Besch remains”: Forest squatters in Trier forest prepare for winter – Trierischer Volksfreund

[18 October 2021] Trier forest squatters winterise camp – SWR

[30 January 2022] Corona critics and climate protectors: This is how the three demos in Trier went – Trierischer Volksfreund

[21 March 2022] Hibernating in the forest – A visit to the tree squatters in Trier’s city forest – Trierischer Volksfreund

[11 April 2022] Camp of 12 tree houses in the squatted Trier city forest – SWR Landesschau

[23 June 2022] Tree squatters continue to fight: Forest area in Trier occupied for 1 year – Trierischer Volksfreund

[24 November 2022] Are the climate protests of “Last Generation” going too far? – SWR Zur Sache RLP

[20 December 2022] Trier forest squatters brave sub-zero temperatures – SWR

[27 January 2023] Resistance and Adventure: A Visit to the Treehouse Village – Trierischer Volksfreund

[21 March 2023] Forest squatters in Trier – SWR “natürlich” (of course)